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"To travel, to discover and wonder, to communicate and to share, – and then to return, happier than Ulysses, the head and the heart heights of experiences which, much later, delight and enchant.


The life is too short and the too small world so that we want to investigate it in the most unforeseen or hidden customs, to cross it, camera device over the shoulder, beyond mountains and oceans, to grow rich differences, to prolong the meeting by the photography, and so to hope to hold the fleeting moment and to crystallize the emotion which passes.


A wave, a sign of the head, soliciting and creating contact, an opened big eye, waylaying for approbation, for intrigued wait, or for collusive smile, – while other one, clinched to objective, already sketches the outlines of future picture …


Here are thus some windows on new horizons, populated with places and with faces, which I liked, and who, in turn, I hope for it, will invite you in the journey and in the discovery of somewhere else…" Gaelle L

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